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Friday FOs and Knit-spiration

During the week, I finished a couple of items, which was exciting, since I only had to do my least favorite step (weaving in ends). With my dad out of town for the majority of the week, it was nice to get some knitting time in without any judgment – I guiltless-ly took over the living room coffee table to sew up baby sweaters and weave in ends.

I stared my baby sweater adventures with a garter stitch baby cardigan that was, interestingly enough, knit from sleeve to sleeve, and with triangles used under the arms to attach the front to the back. I wish I had a better picture of the actual construction – it was rather ingenious if I do say so myself.

A wee little baby cardigan

As much as I loved this cardigan, it was a tad awkward to knit the triangles and sew them in. Also, when attaching the right front of the cardigan to the main body knitting, it was hard to get the tension right. Perhaps with another go at it, it might come out easier, but so much garter stitch and shaping really wore me down.

The next pattern I tried was a simple boat-neck baby sweater. What originally drew me to the pattern was the garter stitch details at the edges of the body and sleeves – not only did it keep the stockinette stitch from rolling, it was cute as well! If I did this pattern again, I think I’d add a garter stitch border on the edges as well, because the stockinette stitch really did roll inward, and though it was fixed once it was sewn up, it was still tricky to measure and deal with during the actual knitting of the garment.

(for some reason my computer doesn’t like uploading this picture … I think it’s just selfish for the cute baby knits).

Lately, I’ve been really branching out with what I knit, and have tried to become more involved with Ravelry groups – so far it’s been great. I’ve started knitting hats for charity and whittling down my stash at the same time. I’m hoping to use up some yarn that I bought for a sweater that I lost the pattern for. Well, in truth, I know the pattern, but I can’t figure out what size I was making, since I don’t seem to have enough yardage for even a small.

Over the past week or so, I’ve found some amazing bloggers, and their project keep inspiring me to add even more to my ever-growing “to knit” list. Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, or the Yarn Harlot, is one of my favorites. Her post on yarn-bombing is absolutely hilarious, and I still want to know how it got there!
  • Cassy’s post about knitting in hot places during the summer struck a chord with me, and I may have to take her idea about socks! Hats are going well, but there I only have 1 head, but can wear different socks every day.
  • I also love Stitched Together’s color choices on her most recent Color Affection shawl – I’d love to knit one (or seven) of these, but I’m not much of a shawl person, and the amount of different color combinations would turn into an addiction! But perhaps if I use fingering weight yarn it could turn into a fashionable scarf …

Do you have any favorite knitting blogs? I’d love to add some more to my list – I find that my ideas just keep growing every time I look at something else. What’s on your to-knit list?


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Baby hat binge

So I admit it: I had a little relationship with baby hats during the school year.

Maybe it was a little more than a little relationship – it was a full out affair. I went nuts – a baby hat or two a week, the same pattern (mostly), with the little things collecting in a bag in my dorm room until I had the motivation to part with them.

I think the part I loved about them was that they were so fast: I could be studying for a math exam and then bam a baby hat was done. I convinced myself that I was doing a good thing, since all the baby hats were going to a birthing center that asked a club I’m in for donations, and, after all, it was better than knitting a garter stitch scarf (anything but the scarf, please!).

So, on to a partial parade of hats:


My first hat!


A bundle of hats that various people knit – not all my doing!


A couple of preemie hats I knit – these were the quickest things to knit, and so tiny! But the 2.5 mm needles eventually took a toll on my eyesight (maybe I am 80 years old)


Look at the size difference between the preemie hats (left) and the regular sized ones!

Have you ever “binged” on a knitting item? Why do you think knitting certain things can seem so addictive?

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Let’s get started

I’m new to this whole “knitting blog” thing, but I must say, I’m looking forward to it. I’m a writer (well … recreational writer) and love to knit and share what I make. Unfortunately, I have no where to post pictures of the things I make … until now.

With this blog, I hope to share my experiences knitting through college: thus far it has entailed dozens of baby hats, breakdown sweaters, and everything in between. My schedule may not always say that I have time to knit, but we all know that’s not the real situation.

So, reader, here is the start of my quest to make something through college, things that are tangible, and things that serve as landmarks, both of achievement, and of progress. It is a quest to connect with the person who taught me to knit, my grandmother, who seems intent on sticking with me throughout my life, even if she’s not present. This is an adventure, meant to push myself to my knitting limits, and beyond (a little Star Trek on you … didn’t see that combination, did you?), and all the while, keep this blog as a sort of knitting journal in the digital age.

Please excuse any delays – after all, I am attempting to knit my way through college.

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