Baby hat binge

So I admit it: I had a little relationship with baby hats during the school year.

Maybe it was a little more than a little relationship – it was a full out affair. I went nuts – a baby hat or two a week, the same pattern (mostly), with the little things collecting in a bag in my dorm room until I had the motivation to part with them.

I think the part I loved about them was that they were so fast: I could be studying for a math exam and then bam a baby hat was done. I convinced myself that I was doing a good thing, since all the baby hats were going to a birthing center that asked a club I’m in for donations, and, after all, it was better than knitting a garter stitch scarf (anything but the scarf, please!).

So, on to a partial parade of hats:


My first hat!


A bundle of hats that various people knit – not all my doing!


A couple of preemie hats I knit – these were the quickest things to knit, and so tiny! But the 2.5 mm needles eventually took a toll on my eyesight (maybe I am 80 years old)


Look at the size difference between the preemie hats (left) and the regular sized ones!

Have you ever “binged” on a knitting item? Why do you think knitting certain things can seem so addictive?


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