Weekend Fun

Hey y’all! I’m slowly but surely shrugging off the Mondays – they hit me extra hard today because of what fun I had over the weekend.

On Friday, after class (I’m enrolled in an Introductory Economics course this summer) I drove down to New Orleans to visit a friend and just walk around – it was lots of fun, even though it was a little hot. We met at his hotel, then walked to Jackson Square, where I was able to snap a couple of nice photos.


After our quick photo shoot, we doubled back a bit and stopped at Johnny’s Po’Boys for lunch. Walking past it, it seems like a little hole-in-the-wall – handwritten menus, cash/check only policy, and cramped seating, but boy, was it good! My friend got a french fry po’boy, since he’s vegetarian, and it was rather funny to see starch on carbs. He redeemed himself, though, and later slathered Louisiana Hot Sauce all over it to give it more flavor. I had the chicken po’boy – it was absolutely amazing. The breading on the chicken was very light and flaky, but still so flavorful. I’ll definitely go back to Johnny’s again and again when I’m in the Big Easy.

After lunch, we walked back to Jackson Square, stopped in the cathedral, and then went to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. These French doughnuts are mostly air, and buried under mounds of powdered sugar. Neither my friend or I came out clean from the dessert – we were absolutely covered with the powdery white sugar, but there were no regrets.

We walked for a while, just talking and popping into shops. Then I left and (of course) got stuck in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge rush hour. But no worries, I had a book on tape!

Saturday was another eventful day, since my mom finally came down to spend the summer! My dad and I cleaned the house, and awaited her arrival. I spent the time knitting (some finished objects are ready for Friday!!), and Sunday we mostly just lounged around (the three of us) trying to recoup for the week. I started another Miranda Hat with the same yarn as the first, and have gotten a decent bit of it done. I took it to class with me today in my backpack. I might have gotten a couple strange looks, but I also finished about half of a repeat! It’s coming along slowly but surely, though I must admit that I stopped at JoAnn’s for needles and came out with needles … and three skeins of cotton yarn to make dishcloths out of. Oops.

What’s your biggest weakness in the yarn store? Do you have one? I’ve been finding that I’ve been drawn to cotton yarns lately. Maybe the heat really is getting to me! Cotton yarns and small projects seem ideal to knit in the summer sun – what’s your go-to project when the heat starts to become overbearing?


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