Friday FO and Knitspiration

It’s hard to believe that an entire week has passed since I’ve finished the baby sweaters and such. In just seven days, I’ve finished two Miranda Hats, as well as one of three initialed dishcloths! Despite the sheer yardage of the projects (500 yards total for all three objects), it doesn’t feel as if I’ve been knitting during every free moment. Rather, I’ve had a decent amount of car time and sitting time in local quilt stores with my mom.

I finished my first Miranda Hat,

and three days later finished my second.

As soon as I finished that, I cast on for a cute Initialed Dishcloth. Thought I wasn’t a huge fan of the inverted stockinette stitch, the washcloth knit up very quickly, and before I knew it, I was casting off last night while watching TV! Up next are two ‘E’s, made with the denim and indigo colored cotton yarn I bought earlier in the week. I still need to block the first washcloth, but I’m still debating as to how I’m going to do that.

In the near future, I’m hoping to finish the two other washcloths, and maybe another hat (I love the pattern, but just want something that takes a bit more brain power). Hopefully the yarn for my Lightweight Pullover will come soon!

Throughout the week, I’ve found some amazing knitters and their projects, some of which I wish I could try, or emulate in a little way:

  • I would absolutely love to be a part of this Sock Club. I love that she hand-dyes the yarn, and includes little gifts along with the sock yarn every month. Some of the colors are just to die for!
  • My next purchase may be a ball winder – I like this one from KnitPicks. It’s cheap, small, and it looks easy to use. That way, I can have center-pull balls of yarn for easier travel.
  • I love Glenna’s post about buying yarn a season ahead. It may not seem logical to be buying bulky wool in the middle of summer, but it sure will help once colder weather starts creeping in! Plus, that was you don’t have to speed knit sweaters in order to stay warm.
  • Cassy’s tour of her stash, as well as the perils of buying yarn online, really intrigued me. I always love seeing how other people organize their yarn, and her green/black yarn conundrum had me hoping that the yarn I ordered for my sweater is actually true-to-color!

Well, that’s it for this week. Do you have any fun weekend plans? I think we’re going to just hang around the house – I have a class final exam tomorrow morning, but after that, it’ll officially be summer vacation!


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