So I’ll admit it: I’m a tad obsessed with yarn and knitting. You could probably tell that by this blog, but in the last week, I may have gone just a tad overboard on the yarn purchases.

Remember last week how I took the plunge and bought yarn to make the Lightweight Pullover? Well … it didn’t stop there. A couple of days later, I splurged again and got some really cute Dishie yarn from KnitPicks to make washcloths. Aren’t the colors just too adorable to pass up? (Plus, they were on sale).





Then, some people on Ravelry convinced me to buy some sock yarn and go into sock-knitting. I must admit that I have been debating about it for a while – the self-striping sock yarn has always attracted me, and after knitting dozens of preemie baby hats, I can hold my own around small double pointed needles. I’ve heard that socks are easy to transport, which is a major plus with travelling, driving, and dorm-living, plus, so long as I don’t succumb to the second sock syndrome (where you don’t cast on for the second sock and thus have a collection of mismatched, albeit beautiful, socks), they’ll keep me warm in the Michigan winters! With all of the positives that come along with knitting socks (and the gorgeous yarn that you get to knit with), the main reason I was fighting the urge was turning the heel. That’s right: it scared me. Beyond belief. And until some kind knitters on a forum talked me into it, I thought for sure that turning the heel on not just one but two socks was going to drive me to extinction. But, like I said, I succumbed, and arriving in the mail next week are three skeins of lovely sock yarn in fun and bright colors:

Blue Topaz



I’m thinking about doing some striped socks, using this knotting method that I learned about this week. (It’s ingenious … and I’ve already used it to tie on a new skein for my dorm blanket … yes, the blanket that never ends).

With close to 20 skeins of yarn arriving within the next week or so, I also sprung for a ball winder, which hopefully will help organize the yarn and make it so that it’s more manageable. I’ve been finding that near the end of the skeins I’ve been working with (read: at the end of the skeins for the neverending dorm blanket), the yarn gets all tangled and just makes knitting unpleasant. KnitPicks had a portable ball winder for relatively cheap, so I’ll be getting that in the mail as well, and it will definitely be something that has a claim to room in my dorm.

Despite all the yarn that’s coming next week, I went to JoAnn’s today to buy 4 more skeins of cotton yarn to make dishcloths for my grandma and cousin – both of whom I’m going to visit in the next week. I’ve been making dishcloths with initials on them, and not only are they functional, but they’re also pretty cute. I grabbed two skeins in my cousin’s favorite colors: light blue and brown,

Denim Twists

Chocolate Ombre

and two skeins for my grandmother: blue jean and softly taupe.

Blue Jean

Softly Taupe

So there you have it, I’m a yarn-a-holic. Are you? For some reason, I’ve been really splurging on yarn lately, but I figure that by having projects in mind for them, it can’t be too bad, can it? I’d love to hear your opinions!


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