(Almost) FO Friday and Knitspiration

Y’all didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you?? I’m on my way to North Carolina, but thought y’all would want an update on Friday as well. What are your weekend plans? I’m visiting my cousin, and we’re going to have fun going to a pool party and shopping around her favorite places in North Carolina. I’m so excited to see her again – it’s been close to 9 months since our last visit, and it’s certainly time for another one!

I’m cheating a bit for these FOs, since one of them isn’t technically finished … yet … but it probably will be by the time this posts automatically (technology these days!).

I’ve been making initialed washcloths for my cousin and grandmother as hostess gifts, and though I finished the one for my cousin in about a day, the one for my grandma is taking a bit longer. Nevertheless, it WILL be finished by Sunday, at the very latest. I bought two chunks of soap from LUSH on Wednesday to wrap in the dishcloths – the soap smells amazing, and it’ll be hard to let them go. I bought 1/4 lb. of their Lust soap for my cousin – the jasmine scent just relaxes me, and the subtle florals underneath make it just smell divine. I opted for about 1/4 lb. of their Honey I Washed the Kids soap for my grandmother – it has a very soft scent of honey and floral, and I love the way that one side of the soap has an actual honeycomb in it. I love the soaps LUSH sells, and can feel right about buying them, since a lot of their products are organic, and none have been tested on animals.

With the two washcloths, that’s it for the FOs of the week, but I’m hoping to crank out another washcloth and perhaps a Miranda Hat or two during my trip. I’m a bit nervous that I didn’t pack enough yarn, but I’m sure I can find LYSs around the areas I’ll be.

There have been tons of good posts for knitspiration in the past week. Here are some of my favorites:

  • I love Wendy’s new poncho – though I’m not a huge fan of ponchos on me, I love the subtle cables running down the front and back of hers.
  • Cassy’s Jaywalker socks are so adorable – I love the colorway and the simple pattern that really lets the yarn pop!
  • These socks that Quince & Co. posted are absolutely to-die-for. I love the colorwork, and how using just two colors can be so striking.
  • Evelyn’s Wonder Blanket is motivating me to start my own ASAP – I can only imagine the texture of all the yarns knit together, and her slipped stitch in the center of the blanket to allow for a clean fold is brilliant – the tiniest things can sometimes make a world of difference.

What have been your favorite posts? I’ve been finding that a lot have helped inspire me to think about new projects I can start, and how I can incorporate new techniques into what I already know how to do.


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