Friday FOs and Knitspiration

It has been a busy week for knitting – I was actually able to complete my final initialed washcloth (this time it was navy with an E on it), as well as my third Miranda Hat and another simple potholder.

I cut it a bit close on bringing yarn to knit with – I really only packed the initialed washcloth (which I had already started), yarn for one hat, and another ball of cotton yarn to make whatever I wanted. After completing the initialed washcloth on the first day of travel, I started (and restarted) the third hat during the second travel day, finishing it up during some downtime in Florida. Yesterday was my final travel day, and I just couldn’t decide what to make with the last ball of cotton yarn: a hat? another initialed dishcloth? a new pattern? After starting a hat and having it be the right size for a giant, I decided to go for a new pattern, a simple dishcloth that involved yarn overs and is knit from corner to corner – it almost looks as if the border is lacy and crocheted on.


I finished my grandma’s dishcloth, and ended up wrapping some soap in it for her – she absolutely loved it, so I’m glad I stayed up late before my trip finishing it up.

Even though I wasn’t necessarily able to keep up-to-date with all the knitting blogs throughout the past week, I’ve found some nice posts since I’ve been back.

  • Steph’s hunt for the right needles had me absolutely in stitches (no pun intended) – I had a minor emergency while on my trip (I thought I had lost 1 dpn of my set) so her debacle certainly resonated with me!
  • I love Sheri’s idea to turn this room decoration into yarn balls – I may just have to try that with some smaller balloons for the dorm room – it might even be cute to not go all the way around the balloons so as to make little baskets – perhaps they could be used as project bowls? I could see myself putting the cakes of yarn in the bowls and feeding the yarn through one of the holes.
  • Glenna’s TTC Knitalong makes me wish that there was more public transportation in the cities I live in – I’d love to make a trip to Toronto one weekend (or week) and partake in their Yarn Shop Hop.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I think Cassy’s Albatross Socks could be the perfect ones for me to learn to knit – they’re simple but elegant, though I’d be sure to use different yarn.


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2 responses to “Friday FOs and Knitspiration

  1. Kim

    I love the little gift you created for your Grandma–very elegant and sweet. I hope this weekend is good to you!

  2. Very cute gift for your grandma! And the initial washcloth is great.

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