Breaking Down

This weekend brought more ball winding – it truly is addictive! Thus far I’ve wound just about everything that I can get my hands on, save shaving the cats and spinning their fur into yarn (wouldn’t that be so soft?). My room is slowly but surely turning into Mt. Yarn Cakes, but I’m honestly okay with that. Don’t they just look so pretty?

While lounging around waiting for the Louisiana storms to pass, I also had some time to swatch for the Ravellenic Games Sweater Triathlon. I didn’t realize that the stitches could grow after being washed (thanks Ravelry users for your knowledge!), so I re-swatched with two of the three possible needles, a US 6 and US 7. Though I originally swatched with a US 8 as well, I really thought that the fabric that was knit up with it was too light and airy for what I was looking for. After dunking the swatches in water for a quick minute, I let them dry and then measured the gauge. Lo and behold, the US 6 swatch (what was originally suggested for the pattern) gave the correct gauge!

I’ve had such an itch to start the sweater that I ended up starting my fourth Miranda Hat to try and get my mind off the Lightweight Pullover. I also stopped by JoAnn’s this weekend to pick up some needles to make socks (yes, I think I’m taking the jump and starting some eventually). Nevertheless, I’m finding the sweater calling to me, and it really is testing my will-power to not cast it on. I’m not quite sure if I can hold out for the opening ceremonies on Friday.

How do you resist the temptations of starting a new project? What are you knitting for the Ravellenic Games? I’m thinking that if I break down and start the sweater, I may just go in for the Hat Dash or Sock Put, or perhaps knit a smaller sweater for a mentor’s son. I also accidentally promised my brother this sweater for a holiday gift, so perhaps that’s the next big project.


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