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Lost in a Knitting Vortex

Hey y’all, so sorry for no post yesterday! I thought we were going to take a day trip to New Orleans, but plans fell through and I ended up just sticking around home for the afternoon. I started in on the never-ending 4″ of ribbing that I needed to complete the body of the Lightweight Pullover. Here are some pictures, since I think they explain it a bit better.

On Tuesday, I finished knitting the stockinette stitch portion of the body. All that was left was 4″ of 2×2 ribbing – not bad, right?

Wrong. I finally finished the ribbing today after only knitting 3″ yesterday. It was somewhat odd to knit for so long but not get the length to add up. I was a tad worried about casting off, since I haven’t tried the sweater on since right after I divided the sleeves – and there it hit me right underneath the bust line. Despite all this, I think I nailed it!

Now off to the sleeves, which will probably take some time, since they’re knit all on DPNs, which always take me a bit longer to use relative to circulars. I think my biggest obstacle now is to not lose focus or determination on this project – it’s going to be so easy to want to start the baby sweater!

How are your Ravellenic Games projects going? I’m loving seeing all of the Finish Line projects – what’s your favorite?


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