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Lost in a Knitting Vortex

Hey y’all, so sorry for no post yesterday! I thought we were going to take a day trip to New Orleans, but plans fell through and I ended up just sticking around home for the afternoon. I started in on the never-ending 4″ of ribbing that I needed to complete the body of the Lightweight Pullover. Here are some pictures, since I think they explain it a bit better.

On Tuesday, I finished knitting the stockinette stitch portion of the body. All that was left was 4″ of 2×2 ribbing – not bad, right?

Wrong. I finally finished the ribbing today after only knitting 3″ yesterday. It was somewhat odd to knit for so long but not get the length to add up. I was a tad worried about casting off, since I haven’t tried the sweater on since right after I divided the sleeves – and there it hit me right underneath the bust line. Despite all this, I think I nailed it!

Now off to the sleeves, which will probably take some time, since they’re knit all on DPNs, which always take me a bit longer to use relative to circulars. I think my biggest obstacle now is to not lose focus or determination on this project – it’s going to be so easy to want to start the baby sweater!

How are your Ravellenic Games projects going? I’m loving seeing all of the Finish Line projects – what’s your favorite?


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A Sweater Takes Shape

All weekend, I’ve been knitting. For most people, this may mean 2 hours or so each day, making sure to go out and do other, ‘normal’ things. But nope, not me – with the start of the Ravellenic Games, my competitive side has certainly come out to play. I’ve been knitting almost non-stop, and have been watching the Olympics for the majority of that time.

In the past two days, I’ve actually gotten a fair amount of the Lightweight Pullover done – I’m past the raglan increases, past dividing the sleeves, and am on to the waist shaping. I’ve been debating pausing on the body work and knitting the sleeves (those are my least favorite parts), but I haven’t been able to stop myself from just knitting.

The stockinette stitch is rather soothing – though it’s easy to get bored, I like that I’m able to focus on other things without having to worry about where I am in the pattern. Every so often, I’ll take the time to measure where I am, but usually I just eyeball the distances.

How are your projects coming along? I’m really hoping to finish the sweater this week, but that may be a tad aggressive – I definitely want it done by the 9th (when I fly north), but I think Friday would be amazing. I’d like to get back to some of my other knitting, but I just can’t seem to put the sweater down long enough to finish my latest Miranda hat. Do you ever have that problem?

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On your marks, get set, KNIT

Unfortunately, I don’t have any FO to show you this Friday, so instead, I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on in my knitting.

After I posted on Wednesday, I went out to JoAnn’s and went slightly overboard in buying wool – but it was only $0.80 per skein ($0.97 on clearance, then each was 20% off with a coupon). I did the only mature thing and bought 20 skeins – 3 are for a toddler sweater for my mentor’s kid, 2 are for Miranda Hats, and 15 are for a sweater for myself.

Yarn for the Candlestick toddler sweater

Yesterday I basically just hung around and knit – mostly on the blanket, though I finished a round or two of the latest Miranda Hat. For some reason, I just don’t really have any motivation to finish it. Maybe it’s because I can use that as knitting on the plane to visit Michigan! (My parents surprised me with tickets to fly and see my friends for a week) I just bought more yarn to make other Miranda Hats, so I’m hoping that the new colors and yarn will re-excite me to make them. Aren’t the colors just so pretty?

I’ve slowly been making some progress on the never-ending Dorm Blanket, but it honestly doesn’t look as if I’ve lengthened it at all – have you ever had problems like that? It is so demoralizing to do one or two repeats, then hold it out and it doesn’t look any bigger. I just bought another pound of the pink/coral/persimmon color yarn so that I can continue the blanket (that was the real reason for going to JoAnn’s), but I’ve somewhat given up on the idea that this blanket will be done before I head off for college.

Today marks the beginning of the Ravellenic Games, and I’m counting down the hours until 3 p.m. so that I can cast on and begin my Lightweight Pullover. I’m really hoping to finish this in a week or so, since I have so many other projects I want to do. Project: Stash just started a Fall Sweater KAL, where we can knit whatever sweaters we want, but they should be done by the end of August – it’s not so much a KAL as a motivational thing – I’m hoping to finish the Lightweight Pullover and the Candlestick before August, and am hoping to cast on the Cool Cardigan in the wool that I just bought for another fall/winter sweater for my wardrobe (the cream, grey, and teal in the bottom 3 rows of the yarn pyramid). It has been great getting input from other knitters on patterns to use the wool for, since my searches didn’t really come up with anything – I’m loving the idea of raglans, since they don’t have any seams, and this cardigan seems just perfect with the three stripes and the weight of the yarn.

I hope that y’all have a wonderful weekend – I’ll probably knit and watch the Olympics for most of it, since my dad is keeping it low-key after having some oral surgery yesterday (don’t worry, he’s fine, just a little sluggish). What are your plans for the weekend? Is anyone participating in the Ravellenic Games? If so, what events?


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Happy birthday, America!

Today’s holiday should have been used for studying, after all, what’s more American than apple pie, hot dog eating contests, and Introduction to Microeconomics? Instead, I’ve slept in and have knit. Yup, that’s it.

I finished another Miranda Hat for charity (pictures to come on Friday), and have started knitting an initialed washcloth out of the Ecru color (the cream-ish skein from this picture). I’m putting a ‘C’ on it, and will follow this one up with two others, both with ‘E’s knit into them – that way, when they’re all put together, they’ll be my full initials.

I haven’t quite gotten to the initialed part of the washcloth yet, but I’m just sitting here with pretzels, Beckett (my camera), and the directions, chugging away at it. As much as I love making hats, I found that I was getting a bit bored of them … and truth be told, I’m feeling a tad like a traitor for using the green color for the hats  (it’s the color of my college’s rival school). Hopefully using cream and blues will help wash away some of the filth that comes with knitting with that color … before I have to pick it up again, since I have about 500 yards remaining to use up.

I’m hoping to finish the washcloths quickly, since I can’t cast on another hat until these needles free up. I leave next Friday to travel for a week, and am hoping to have a hat on the needles by then. Unfortunately, I’ve been finding that knitting with cotton dries out my hands (I wonder why that doesn’t happen when I wear cotton clothing …), so the going is slow. If I like the way the pattern comes out, I know that I’ll make some washcloths for my mom, perhaps for her birthday or the holidays.

In other news, I finally took the plunge and ordered yarn for my Lightweight Pullover. I recently fell in love with Quince & Co. and Hannah Fettig‘s designs, and have been itching to start this sweater – I think it would be a perfect dorm study sweater – something to throw on with a pair of jeans or sweatpants and just hunker down to study. Doesn’t it look so cozy?

I had some trouble deciding between fingering and dk weight yarn, so I compromised and ordered sport: this yarn, in fact.  In the sagebrush colorway.Hopefully I’ll get it in the next week or so – I can’t wait to see the color!

I’m hoping to start this sweater by the end of July, just in time for the Ravellenic Games 2012! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Games are knitting events that correspond with the Olympic Games – there are spin-offs from the real events, as well as some made-up ones especially for knitters. Throughout the Games, I’ll be “competing” in Baby Dressage, Sweater Triathlon, Charity Rowing, Hat Dash, Synchronized Stash Busting, and Single Skein Sprint. It’s a lot of events, but most of the items will cross-count in multiple categories.

Do you have any special plans for the 4th of July? What about the Olympic Games?


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